How Do I Power Cycle My Device?

Instructions for how to properly power cycle a device.

Q: How do I power cycle my device?

A: To successfully power cycle your device, you will need to remove it from all sources of power. Here are the steps to cycling your device:

  1. Fully shut down your device. On a computer, this means going into Start and hitting the shut-down button. Make sure you power down, restarting is not the same thing as shutting down. Do not click the restart button.

  2. Unplug your device from any power sources. This means unplugging the power cord from the device. Simply turning off a surge protector without unplugging the cord will not work.

    NOTE: Make sure to do this for all of the electronic devices at the workstation.

  3. Wait for 1-2 minutes to make sure that the device has fully powered off.

  4. Having waited at least one minute, turn the device back on and see if power cycling has resolved the issue.

Q: What if my device refuses to power off?

A: There are two main methods of shutting down a device if the usual powering off method isn't working.

  1. Remove the battery

    If the device has an easily removable battery, simply take the battery out of the device and wait 1-2 minutes before putting it back in. Make sure the device is not plugged into a power supply during this process.

  2. Long press the power button

    For devices that do not have an easily removable battery, there will be an alternate method to force the device to power down. For devices like iPhones, this can mean holding down both the power and volume-down buttons. To find which buttons you need to press on your device, see the device's user manual or consult the internet.

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