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EWS Labs, Restoring lost, deleted or corrupted files


The EWS home directory file server makes daily backups of everyone's home directories, including all of your files and folders. If you accidentally delete or corrupt a file, you can restore an older version.

This can be done on both EWS Windows and Linux.


  • Right click the folder that contains (or contained) the file you want to restore. Click on Restore previous versions

  • You will be presented a list with all the backups present for the folder. Open and browse it like any other folder. Copy it over to a new location (restoring it), which will overwrite the current folder and all its contents with the older version.


  • Open a terminal window and type the command ews-restore and hit enter. This must be done on an EWS Linux lab machine, or over SSH.

  • Click Open Restore Directory.

  • You will be presented with ten days worth of backups of your entire home directory. Browse them as you would any other file.
  • The backups in this directory are read-only. You will need to copy the files you want to restore somewhere you can work with them - your desktop for example.

  • Backups occur overnight, and capture the last 10 days you accessed your EWS account.

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