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Wireless Presentation - Ditto

Information about and Instructions for presenting wirelessly with Ditto

What is Ditto?

Ditto is a software product that facilitates wireless video connections between customer computers and installed AV hardware.

Engineering IT is currently using Ditto as a universal wireless presentation solution. This allows Windows PCs, Apple OSX PCs, and Apple iOS devices to connect to the Apple TVs. 

While Android devices are not currently supported with Ditto, we are investigating a few different options to allow for this. We are anticipating a vendor based solution to allow miracast to Apple TVs; however, this would likely only be supported on 4th generation Apple TV devices. Initial hardware testing is also underway with a different wireless receiver that may also allow most Android based devices to connect wirelessly.

Where is Ditto Available?

Ditto is currently available in select Engineering IT supported rooms:

  • CB 213
  • CSL 221
  • CSL 301
  • EH 112
  • EH 212
  • EH 301
  • EH 311
  • EH 312
  • Everitt 2100
  • Everitt 2119
  • Everitt 2123
  • Everitt 2209
  • Everitt 2217
  • Everitt 3100
  • Everitt 3146A
  • Everitt 3211
  • Everitt 3213
  • MSEB 205A
  • Siebel 1112
  • Siebel 1314
  • Siebel 2102
  • Siebel 2124
  • Siebel 2303
  • Siebel 2405
  • Siebel 3102
  • Siebel 3124
  • Siebel 4102
  • Siebel 4124
  • TDFC4 A103
It may also be available in some private offices as well.

Wireless receivers configured to work with Ditto will display on-screen instructions similar to the following image:

Ditto On-Screen Instructions

How to present wirelessly with Ditto

  1. Connect your supported device to IllinoisNet or IllinoisNet_Guest.
  2. Navigate to
    Ditto Connect Page - Enter Room Code
  3. Enter the code displayed on the receiver device and click "Connect"
    Ditto Connect Page - Connect to room
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for your device
    Ditto Connect Page - Downloading
  5. Ditto receiver devices on campus are setup to require customers to enter a 4-digit on-screen code to begin sharing. You will be prompted to enter this code after you click "Start Sharing" but before your device begins displaying.

Note: If your device is not compatible with the receiver you try to connect to, you will receive a non-compatibility message.

How do I get help with Ditto?

To get help with Ditto please email us at Please be sure to include which room you are trying to connect to and what the device you are connecting from is.

I would like add Ditto to my space. How do we get help?

To get help adding Ditto to your space, please fill out the project request form at and we will be in touch.

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