SMD: How do I create a new SMD Message?

create a new SMD Message

1.  From https://my.[portal], click on the Templates menu option to get to the page where you prepare your message content.

2.  On the templates page, you can edit an existing message, copy an existing message, or create a new one from scratch.  You can insert field codes like [ln] for last name, [fn] for first name, etc into your message body.  The list of available codes is displayed in a table on the Templates page.

3.  Once you have your template created and saved, make note of its id.  This should be displayed right below the “Select a contact template” dropdown.

4.  Click on the Manage Mailings link in the menu.

5.  Select the Term from the dropdown that you want to file the message under.  Should default to Spring 2018.

6.  Click the Create New Mailing button.

7.  Under the Mailing Details heading, update the “Mailing Subject or Title” appropriately.  Choose whether or not to display the message in ugradrecs.  Hit the Save Details button.

8.  Assuming you have many recipients to add, you’ll want to use the Add Multiple Recipients form at the bottom of the page.  This requires you to put the appropriate data in the appropriate columns in Excel, then copy and paste from Excel into the large text field you see here.  You will need to have netid or UIN in the first column.  The next four columns are for a couple of arbitrary field codes (field1 and field2) that you can use however you want in your message template.  Then two more columns for Academic Status Code and Probation Level.  All four of these can be left blank, but you need to have these columns present in what you copy from excel.  The next column is very important; it’s where you put in the template ID that you want to use for the mailing.  Recall that I said to make note of this in step 3 above.  Your excel worksheet should look something like this:




Academic Status Code

Probation Level

Template ID










The “73” in the Template ID column should be the ID of the template you want to use.  You can send different templates to different recipients within the same mailing if you want.  But that can get confusing.  I recommend doing different mailings for different groups of recipients if you need to send different information to different groupgs.  Dropped students vs those on probation for example.  Select and copy all your recipient rows (don’t copy the header row).  Paste them into the text field on the manage mailings page and hit the Add Multiple button.

9.  You should see all your recipients listed now.  You’re almost done.  As a test, you can create an individual letter for one recipient to make sure things look ok.  To do this, click the [create] link for the first recipient.  This will pop up an overlay that shows you want the letter will look like.  You can either hit Save Letter to finish creating this letter for this recipient, or you can hit the [x] link in the upper right corner of the compose and save message pane.  Since this is just a test, I recommend hitting [x] and not saving the letter.  Otherwise, you’re making a few extra clicks for yourself below.  So, proof the message and make sure it looks the way you want and hit [x].

10.  Now, click the checkbox in the header row of the recipients table.  This will select all your recipients.  Scroll to the bottom of that table and hit the “Create messages for selected recipients” button.  This will create all the letters for all the recipients using the specified template for each recipient.  Basically the same thing that you could do manually for each recipient in step 9 above.  But when you have lots of recipients, this is much much faster.

11.  At this point, you should see a green [created] indicator for each recipient.  That means the letters have all been created and are ready to go to your recipients.  The SMD app will automatically send notifications that a new message is waiting to every recipient daily for up to 60 days or until a recipient clicks the Acknowledge Receipt button at the bottom of the message when they view it.  You can either wait until 5pm and the automatic notificaitons will go out, or you can hit the “Send notifications now” button near the top of the page. Once notifications have been sent, the [last sent] indicator will turn green.  Hovering will give you a pop up saying when it was last sent.  Once a recipient clicks the link in the email notification to view the secure message, the [recvd] indicator turns green.  When they hit the acknowledge receipt button, the [ack] indicator turns green.

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