Chart: If our faculty use CFOPs from another unit for their appointments, they will not be included in the COA and they will have to enter them manually when doing the appointment?

CFOPs from another unit for their appointments

It all depends on whether the unit who owns the CFOP is also using Chart.  For instance, a Physics faculty member can use Appointments in my.MRL because Physics already uses Chart, so their Physics CFOPs will already be loaded into the system.  If we had a faculty member trying to use a non-native CFOP (e.g. VetMed) the local Business Office would likely have to load it into Chart as a foreign CFOP first before it could be used.  For example, you can add non-native CFOPs for use in our Storeroom for Orgs that don’t use Chart- but if they did start using Chart, you would lose the ability to manage the accounts (because the rightful owner would then have the power/responsibility to do so).

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