Vacation: Common Banner Reporting Errors

Common Banner Reporting Errors

There are three common errors when attempting to update Banner via the VSL app.

1) Negative Balances.  The AITS-provided access does not allow the entering of usage that would cause a negative balance.  If the data is correct, then the reporting needs to be done directly in Banner/PEALEAV.

2) Primary Job Not Found.  When we report usage data to Banner, Banner finds the current primary position/job under which to record the data.  If a single primary entry isn't found then we get an error.  This may be an issue with an old position still showing as active, or none being defined.  (Note: separation reporting should be done directly in Banner as the position is usually no longer marked as active.)

3) Old PEALEAV position needs to be zero-ed out.  Banner is supposed to "clear out" old jobs when the current available is zero, but this doesn’t always happen.  We find instances of this all of the time.  Thus the PEALEAV reporting times as well as when an employee changes jobs, we always make it a practice to review the information.  Sometimes we have to manually do this when Banner doesn’t.  To do this, the HR Manager needs to go into PEALEAV for the old position and then put in the Change Reason: "Banner did not roll out Accr/Taken zeroing out manually", and then just zero it out for each leave code.

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