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How to add an Engineering printer on Linux

Instructions for connecting to an Engineering College department printer. These instructions do not apply to Engineering Workstation (EWS) labs.

For an overview of printing at the Engineering College or instructions for non-Windows operating systems, see Engineering College Printing.

Web Printing Alternative

Printing to Engineering printers from Linux computers can be more complicated than printing from other operating systems. Engineering IT can't necessarily provide support for printing from any given flavor of Linux.

If you have any trouble with the instructions provided below (based around Ubuntu), we recommend using web printing instead. Please see the "Web printing" section on the Engineering College Printing page.

Video Tutorial

Written steps are provided below the video.

Step-by-step, with screenshots


  1. Click the 'gear and wrench' icon to open 'System Settings'.
    • linux1
  2. In the 'Printers' window, click the '+ Add' button.
    • linux2
  3. In the 'New Printer' window, under the 'Devices' list, select the 'Network Printer' dropdown. At the bottom of the expanded list, select 'Windows Printer via SAMBA'.
    • linux3
  4. Fill out the SMB Printer field:
    • smb://
  5. Choose your authentication method:
    • We recommend using the "Prompt user if authentication is required" method. This method will prompt for your credentials when you print.
    • You may also choose to "Set authentication details now".
      • Please be aware that choosing this option is a security risk. It will store your password in PLAIN TEXT in configuration files on your computer, which anyone with local admin access can read. It will also require you to clear out the saved password and update it whenever you change your password. Use this option at your own risk.
      • Username: uofi\NetID (e.g. uofi\jsmith2)
      • Password: Your regular NetID password
      • Do not click 'Verify...'. This usually doesn't work until the printer has been fully added.
  6. Click the 'Forward' button.
  7. You will be prompted to choose a driver. The images below show the correct driver for the common CSL hallway printers.
    • Select the appropriate manufacturer and click 'Forward'.
    • Select the appropriate model and click 'Forward'.
    • linux_5_choose_driver_make.png   
  8. Configure the driver options as shown below.
    • Check the box for duplexing (printing on both sides)
    • Select the 500-sheet option for Tray 3.
    • Make sure not to select options that the printer itself does not support.
    • linux_7b_duplexing.png
  9. Configure the description similar to the below image. These fields determine what the printer will show up as in your applications. Choose descriptions that let you easily identify the printer.
    • linux_8_description.png
  10. Your printer will now be listed in the 'Printers' window. You may be prompted to print a test page.
    • Sometimes the test page does not work the first time. If so, you may open the printer's properties and try again.
    • If the test page was successful, you'll see 'Idle' in the 'Printer State:' field after the test.
    • If the test page failed, that field may show an error, which can be useful in troubleshooting.
    • linux_10_test_page.png
    • linux_11_properties.png
    • linux_12_successful_test.png
  11. You can set the printer as your default by right clicking it and selecting 'Set As Default'.
    • linux_13_set_default.png


Issue: You may receive a CUPS error near the end of the procedure:
Image result for cups error client-error-not-possible
Resolution: Some Linux systems may need additional prerequisite modules installed before following the procedure. If you receive this error try entering the following command in the commandline terminal and retrying the procedure above:
apt-get install samba smbclient

Additional Linux Resources

Our ability to support multiple Linux ditributions is limited. See the following resources for possible support for your unique distribution.

HP Linux Drivers:

HPLIP Drivers:

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