AV Tools Check - General

Room Status Check Info

  • Room checks should take between 5 and 15 minutes depending on extent of room equipment and problems encountered
  • Follow the instruction information for each active check item
  • Lightly clean the instructor area or equipment rack as necessary - wipe down for dust, throw away trash, neatly organize non-trash items, coil/organize AV cables, push in chairs
  • If there are any issues found, attempt general troubleshooting steps (AV Troubleshooting Guide) and make sure to restart the AV system and try again before reporting a problem
  • Target timeline - biweekly during semesters; Pre-semester check 1-2 weeks before SOS
  • ** Do not submit checks for rooms which you have not checked; i.e., rooms which are occupied, unable to be found, or where system functionality has otherwise not been verified **

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