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Data Security while Traveling

This document describes some best practices for securing your data while traveling. If you have any questions or would like any help or guidance with implementing these suggestions, please feel free to contact your IT Pro, or email

The Illinois Safety and Security group provides detailed information about technology when traveling at:

In addition to the tips they provide also consider:


  • Renting equipment rather than taking personal equipment. EngineeringIT provides laptops for loan.
  • Consider using a charge-only data blocking USB charging adaptor.

Limit the data you travel with:

  • Back up important data and leave a security copy at home
  • Remove unnecessary/personal/sensitive data from your equipment

Before you leave

  • Secure all devices with strong passwords/passcodes
  • Configure all devices to lock after short periods of inactivity
  • Clear and then disable password saving features in browsers
  • Enable disk encryption 
  • Download data, software, updates before you leave.
  • Install VPN software before you leave
  • Consult with your IT Pro about installing remote assistance software for easily getting trusted IT help while away

During transit and while you are away

  • Turn off devices when not in use
  • Turn off network discovery features such as bluetooth network discovery and NFC capabilities
  • Be careful where you plug in your devices
  • If you must transfer data, use only secure connections (VPN, HTTPS, SSL, SFTP, etc)

When you return

  • Return rented equipment and report any strange behavior you might have noticed
  • Rebuild your devices or run anti-virus scans
  • Change the passwords for any accounts you used during your travels using unique passwords for each account
  • Back up and secure your data

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