AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Rack Check

Room Preventative Maintenance Rack Check
  • Where possible the rack should be verified against the current schematic drawing of the room
  • Check that all hardware is properly powered and connected; the following should be checked:
    • all connections should be solid
    • connections should be strain-relieved where possible
    • connection locks should be used and engaged where possible
  • Check for cable labeling
    • All cables should be labeled
    • Cable labels should be readable
  • Check for cable organization; it should be noted if any of the following are true:
    • Audio is bundled with power (AC in-particular)
    • The cables are tight or pulling while the equipment is mounted normally
    • Antennas are found in a rack and are not routed out
    • There are kinked, broken, or fraying cables of any kind
    • Cables other than power or where cables enter a rack are ziptied

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