AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Cleaning

Room Cleaning Preventative Maintenance
  • Clean lecterns
    • Debris and items not belonging in the room should be removed from the lectern and associated drawers
    • Surfaces should be wiped down to remove dust and other dirt
    • Cables should be neatly coiled and put away in a drawer or otherwise out of the way
    • If needed any internal cupboards or drawers should be vacuumed out
  • Racks
    • Debris and unnecessary/unused cables should be removed from the rack
    • Dust and dirt should be vacuumed out of the rack and any equipment vents
  • Projectors & Projector Mounted equipment
    • As needed, these should be wiped down or vacuumed to prevent dust accumulation
  • Displays
    • Display bezels should be wiped down and free of dust
    • The back panel and vents should be vacuumed or wiped free of dust

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