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LabCheck Instructions


These instructions are for Engineering courses which have been provisioned for remote access to computer labs.


Since the return to on-campus instruction in Fall 2022, availability of this service is limited to a small number of labs and courses due to computers being unable to serve more than one logged in user at a time. Unless you have received specific instructions from your course instructor regarding LabCheck access to your class computers, you cannot use this service.

Instructors, if you need this for your course, please contact us at

Course instructors: 

  • Please follow this guide to verify all of your course staff are in the course staff AD group: Instructor Tools
    • Membership in this course staff group enables remote access to the provisioned lab(s).
    • All students enrolled in the course will have the same remote access. For un-enrolled students, graders, auditors, etc. see the linked article above.
  • Depending on how your course is structured, you may want to assign students/groups to numbered workstations.
  • If the lab is configured for a Hybrid setup (allowing both remote and in-person logins), it is very easy for a remote user to be kicked off of a computer by an in-person user. If running at or near the lab's capacity, please make sure to structure and moderate student usage of the computers.


  • Click here to log in to the LabCheck application.
    • To access LabCheck using an EWS guest account, login using (replace ### with the appropriate number). You will still click the "Illinois Login" button and not the "Or login as guest" link.
      Login button

  • Select a building to view labs and their current availability (example below).
    • Example lab

  • Refer to the color key to identify available remote computers.
    • Color legend

  • Click the number on a PC marked as Available Remote and follow the instructions on-screen to connect to the PC.

  • Faded colors indicate computers which have been inactive for over 2 weeks.

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