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EWS Labs, Full Printing Support

Specifications for the full level of printing support provided by EWS, primarily for college EWS lab printers.

Engineering IT offers full printing support for college-owned printers in college-owned EWS labs. The following is a concise breakdown of the service level definition and is intended to be a high-level view. For full details, please visit the Instructional Labs Printing service-level definition page.

Table of specifications for Full Printing Support
Specification Description
Scope Applies to printers used by students for the purposes of academic coursework.
Printer purchase Unit purchases printer from a list of recommended models provided by Engineering IT. See this page.
End-of-life2 When the printer reaches the end of its useful life, the printer will no longer be eligible for Full Support. The unit will be given the option to replace the printer or convert it to EWS Labs, Basic Printing Support.
Printer configuration Engineering IT will connect the printer to the network and print servers, and manage the print queue.
Consumables Engineering IT will purchase and supply paper, toner, and maintenance kits.
Restocking Engineering IT will restock printer on a regular basis.
Repairs Engineering IT will cover comprehensive troubleshooting1 and repair, up to but not including the point of printer replacement.
Cost to unit No fees are directly charged to the unit (as students pay per-page fee to cover consumables).
Cost to students $0.08/page black and white
$0.32/page color

Per-page costs may be paid by students directly (recommended), or may be billed to a departmental CFOP. 
Web Printing Web Printing will be enabled.
1 Comprehensive troubleshooting includes (but is not limited to) any troubleshooting that requires a physical check of the printer.
2 A printer is considered "end-of-life" when any of the following conditions are met:
  • The printer has exceeded its manufacturer-recommended monthly page volume three times within 12 months.
  • The printer has been repaired three times within 6 months AND the manufacturer warranty is expired.
  • The printer has exceeded its manufacturer-recommended maximum monthly page volume by a factor of 12 (lifetime pages printed).
  • The printer manufacturer no longer provides one or more of the following for the printer's model: replacement parts, services, or updated drivers.

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