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Engineering Workspace ONE Device Enrollment

Instructions on enrolling a device in the UOFI's Workspace ONE MDM space

Workspace ONE Device Enrollment


Tech Services' Endpoint Services WS1 Enrollment Information Page:




Automated Device Enrollment/DEP Enrollment:

First off, DO NOT TURN ON THE DEVICE until you get a return email from the campus EPS team, saying that this device has been enrolled in DEP.

With that in mind …

  • Automated Device Enrollment (aka DEP), is the preferred method for enrolling eligible devices into Workspace ONE.
  • To request that a DEP-eligible device be registered for automated enrollment, please submit an EPS support request, selecting Workspace ONE from the 'Service' dropdown, DEP Enrollment from the 'Request Type' dropdown, and completing all fields.

Fill out as follows:

Select Service:
Workspace ONE

Select Request Type:
DEP Enrollment

Enter one or more serial numbers:
Enter the device serial number here.

Name of DEP Profile to Apply:
DEP – EngrIT - ITOps

Phone Number:

Short Summary:
DEP Enrollment

Learn more about Apple's Device Enrollment Program.

Ensure that your device purchases are DEP-eligible.

Once you hear back from the EPS team, POWER UP THE DEVICE and simply follow the prompts to finish the DEP setup.

First Boot Prompts Include:

  • Remote Management Window
    • Once you hit "Continue", the profile will install.
  • Then you'll continue setting up the Engineering IT account ("engrit"), along w/ various macOS options. Enable Location Services here!
  • "Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub" would like to use your current location = OK (twice!)

That should do it. Proceed to import the new Mac into the Munki portal (, then download and install the combo package.

(You'll know the Mac is enrolled into WS1 when the Intelligent Hub icon shows up in the top Finder menu.)

*One other note (CrowdStrike/Munki-related):

  • After you've installed the Munki combo package and launched Managed Software Center (MSC), be sure to install both the *CrowdStrike Falcon and *CrowdStrike Falcon ENGR License application packages. You'll find them in the list of "Applications" in MSC.


Manual Enrollment (for 2015 and older Macs):


To check the age of the Mac, go here and enter the serial number:


(You'll manually enroll the device from the device itself!)

Sign in to the device you wish to enroll and do the following:

  • Ensure that the device has a network connection (wired or wireless).
  • For macOS, go to
  • Search for and install the Workspace ONE agent.
  • Launch the agent from macOS' Applications folder; follow the prompts, providing either the server or email address. 
    • Your Group ID can be determined by hovering over your unit instance in the Workspace ONE console.
    • Provide the enrollment user's credentials when prompted, as follows:
      • Username: engrit-itops-macs
      • Password: (In EngrIT's Bitwarden collection)
    • Corporate Owned (Dedicated) devices are classified as University of Illinois property, and are used for University-only functions.
    • Corporate Shared devices are also classified as University of Illinois property, but may be loaned out for non-University functions.
    • Employee Owned devices are personally owned by a University of Illinois faculty, staff, or student.
    • For server address, enter:
    • Group ID: engrit-itops-macs


After that’s all done, continue importing the device into the Munki portal and install all advertised software there. It’ll take some time for the device to populate in the Workspace ONE Console. Once it’s in WS1, Tech Team will EDIT ITS GROUP MEMBERSHIP!


For Tech Team ONLY:


  • IF a device isn't in the proper "ITOps Macs" group ...
    • Go to Devices and click on the computer you just imported to go to its details.
    • On the right-hand side, click on More Actions and scroll down to Admin … Change Organization Group.
    • Enter ITOps Macs for the group.

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