How do I add a printer in CSL

These instructions are are useful for many printers around the Engineering college, however this document is targeted specifically at printers in CSL. Any questions about printing in CSL or anywhere else in the college may be sent to

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CSL printers list

The following printers are available for all CSL residents. They are located in the hallways.

Name Location Model / Driver
csl-1s-bw01 South wing of the 1st floor HP LaserJet 600 M602
csl-2n-bw North wing of the 2nd floor
csl-2s-bw South wing of the 2nd floor HP LaserJet M606
csl-3n-bwNorth wing of the 3rd floorHP LaserJet M604
csl-3s-bw South wing of the 3rd floor HP LaserJet 600 M602
csl-4s-bw01 South wing of the 4th floor
iti-ncpd-copier East side of "CSL Studio"
in the parking garage
Canon ImageRunner 3480

The instructions on this page can be used to install other Engineering college printers.
However, please do not add printers that you do not have physical access to.
Any printers not listed above may only be used with permission from the owner.



  1. Open your Start menu, type in the following address and hit Enter:
  2. windows_start_menu.png
  3. If you are not logged into Windows with your UOFI domain account, you may be asked for your credentials.
        Enter your NetId and NetID's password (make sure to put 'UOFI\' before your netid).
        Check the 'Remember my credentials' box, or your printers may fail to work after a reboot.

  4. A window should open listing printers across campus. Scroll to find ones prefaced with 'csl-'.
        Select an appropriate printer and double click it.
        A driver will download automatically. You may have to confirm that you wish to install the driver.



  1. Open System Preferences and click 'Printers and Scanners'.

  2. Click the small '+' symbol in the lower left corner of the window to add a printer.

  3. Select the 'IP' tab. Fill out the fields as shown, and then click the 'Add' button.
        a) Print server IP address:, or
        b) Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
        c) Queue: The name of your chosen printer (e.g. csl-2s-bw)
        d) Name: This is what the printer will show up as in your applications. Choose a recognizable name (e.g. csl-2s-bw)
        e) Location: A description of the location (optional)
        f) Use: This is the driver that will be used. It should auto-populate.
                     If you have issues printing, this may need to be changed.
                     See the CSL printers list for driver specifics.

The HP LaserJet 600 M602 printers support duplexing (printing on both sides). You may be prompted to configure the driver for duplexing during installation.

mac_add_by_ip.png    mac_duplexing.png


Graphical Ubuntu 14.04 Example

  1. Click the 'gear and wrench' icon to open 'System Settings'.

  2. In the 'Printers' window, click the '+ Add' button.

  3. In the 'New Printer' window, under the 'Devices' list, select the 'Network Printer' dropdown. At the bottom of the expanded list, select 'Windows Printer via SAMBA'.

  4. Fill out the information as shown below. See the CSL printers list for names of common CSL public printers.
        a) SMB Printer:
        b) Authentication: Select 'Set authentication details now'
        c) Username: uofi\NetID (e.g. uofi\jsmith2)
        d) Password: Your regular NetID password
        e) Click the 'Forward' button.
    Do not click 'Verify...'. This usually doesn't work until the printer has been fully added.

  5. You will be prompted to choose a driver. The images below show the correct driver for the common CSL hallway printers.
        a) Select the appropriate manufacturer and click 'Forward'.
        b) Select the appropriate model and click 'Forward'.
    linux_5_choose_driver_make.png   Screen capture of Linux driver selection
  6. Configure the driver options as shown below.
        a) Check the box for duplexing (printing on both sides)
        b) Select the 500-sheet option for Tray 3.
        c) Make sure not to select options that the printer itself does not support.

  7. Configure the description similar to the below image. These fields determine what the printer will show up as in your applications. Choose descriptions that let you easily identify the printer.

  8. Your printer will now be listed in the 'Printers' window. You may be prompted to print a test page.
        Sometimes the test page does not work the first time. If so, you may open the printer's properties and try again.
        If the test page was successful, you'll see 'Idle' in the 'Printer State:' field after the test.
        If the test page failed, that field may show an error, which can be useful in troubleshooting.
    linux_10_test_page.png   linux_11_properties.png   linux_12_successful_test.png

  9. You can set the printer as your default by right clicking it and selecting 'Set As Default'.

Additional Linux Resources

Our ability to support multiple Linux ditributions is limited. See the following resources for possible support for your unique distribution.

HP Linux Drivers:

HPLIP Drivers:


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