Echo360 Account Settings

Account settings guide for Echo 360

Account settings are accessed by selecting Account Settings from the Settings icon (it looks like a gear) located on the top right of the Echo360 UI. This is shown in the below figure.

The Account Settings page contains a variety of fields and information about you and your Echo360 account. Some are editable and some are not. These fields include:

  • The First and Last Name entered into the system for your account. This is the name shown in the top bar of the Echo360 UI, as well as throughout the site for other users to identify you where appropriate. These fields are editable.
  • Email address. Your email address also functions as your login and is unique to each user. This may or may not be editable, depending on your institution's administration settings.

If you use an LMS to access Echo360, or you sign into the system via an institution portal and NOT directly into the Echo360 login page, you should never change the email address shown unless specifically instructed to do so by your system administrator.

  • Phone Number. The phone number entered here is only used to recognize you when responding to in-class activity slides via SMS. If you want to respond to activities via text message, be sure to enter your mobile phone number here. Message and data rates will apply.
  • Time Zone. Select the time zone you live in. By default this is the time zone for the Institution you are enrolled in.
  • Preferred Language. Use this drop-down list to select the preferred language to use for the Echo360 UI. The language selected here overrides your browser setting.
  • Picture. You can upload a picture or avatar for your account profile. This picture appears across the site to identify you along with your name.

If you make changes, scroll to the bottom and click SAVE.