EWS Labs, Transferring files between Linux and Windows home directories


Follow this guide to transfer files between the Linux and Windows subdirectories of your EWS home directory.

Accessing your Linux files from Windows

If there are files in your EWS Linux environment you'd like to use in your EWS Windows environment, you can download the WinSCP application to copy them over.

From an EWS Windows system, load the pre-installed WinSCP program. When prompted, enter the following data:


Once connected, you'll be presented with a split-window view with your EWS Windows system on the left and the Linux files on the right.


In the left side of the Window, above the file and directory listings, change the "C: Local Disk" drop-down and select your "U: netid" disk.


The listing of files will refresh with your U: drive contents (your EWS Windows home directory). You can now drag/drop folders and files between sides to copy them between locations.


Accessing your Windows files from Linux

For personal Linux devices, follow this guide to connect to the EWS Linux environment: Access EWS Linux remotely with SSH.

In the EWS Linux environment, open a terminal and type the command:

"cd /winhome/<YourNetID>”

This will mount your Windows home directory.  You can now either continue to navigate the contents of your directory through the terminal or you may use the file browser to navigate to /winhome/<YourNetID> to browse graphically.

Recover files

See the following guide for instructions on how to restore files: [Link for document 81207 is unavailable at this time.]