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Echo 360 - Participating in Q&A Discussions

Instructions for participating in question and answer discussions in Echo 360.

NOTE: Some courses disable the Q&A functionality; if you do not see the Questions button within a classroom or Q&A tab described below, check with your instructor to see if this is the case with your course.

Each course contains a Q&A tab where instructors and students can post questions, answers, and comments regarding the class and its content.  

The Q&A tab contains questions and responses posted from the Questions panel of a classroom, as well as general course-related questions entered directly through the Q&A tab.

You can view Q&A entries for each class, view All Questions posted during the course, or view General Questions posted for the class. General questions are those that were posted without identifying a particular class.

HELPFUL HINT! If you bookmark another student's question, it will appear in your Study Guide for the class (along with any responses).  Click the flag below the question to bookmark it (the flag changes from gray to blue).

To view questions and answers

  1. Navigate to the class list for the course.
  2. Click the Q&A tab.
    By default, the questions shown are those associated with the class presentation you most recently viewed.
  3. Use the drop-down list to view questions for a different class. You can also view General Questions for the class (those associated with the course but not a particular class), or All Questions.
  4. Click a question from the list on the left to view any associated responses.
  5. Click RESPOND TO QUESTION to provide your own response.
  6. Click NEW QUESTION to add a question to the class or course (selecting a particular class or General respectively).

To change which questions are shown

  • Use the list at the top to select a particular class for which to view question, or you can select All Questions or General Questions.
  • Use the Search box to enter text and search for a particular question title or text within a question.
  • Use the Sort list to sort the questions with newest on top or oldest.

Editing or deleting questions and responses

You can always go back and edit or delete any question or response you posted. You can only edit or delete your own posts.

Understand, however, that Instructors can delete any posts in their classes. Instructors can also see who posted each item, even if you post it anonymously. So don't be rude or inappropriate.

To edit/delete a question on the Q&A tab

  1. Navigate to the class list for the course.
  2. Click the Q&A tab.
  3. Find the question or response you want to edit/delete. Use the drop-down list to view questions for a specific class, or view All Questions.
  4. Click the question from the list on the left to show it and any responses in the right-pane of the Q&A tab.
  5. Click the menu arrow (also called a "chevron") located to the right of the question or response, then click Edit or Delete as appropriate.

To edit/delete a question from within a classroom

  1. While viewing a class, click the Discussions icon from the classroom toolbar.
    The Discussions pane opens to the right of the classroom viewer.
  2. Find the question/response you want to edit.
  3. Click the chevron (menu arrow) located to the right of the question or response.

  4. Click Edit.
    The question or response appears in a text box that allows you to make changes to the text. You can also enable or disable the Post anonymously slider, or change whether to Reference class content location with the question.
  5. When finished, click SAVE.

ALTERNATELY, you can click Delete from the chevron menu to delete the question or response.

NOTE: Deleting a question also deletes all responses posted for the original question.

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