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Course Subversion Repositories

Brief explanation of Subversion Course Repositories

General Information
Repositories are available for courses upon request to  and have a standard naming convention of semester plus course rubric and number.  These respositories are converted to read-only for all course staff and students about 2 weeks after the semester ends.

Repository directories are created automatically for each student in the class based on his/her NetID and access is granted to the student and course staff.  Course staff can add student directories with the utility.

Course staff are automatically given access to all the directories in the repository.  The access is based on membership in the course staff group.  Course staff can manage the membership of this group through the the utility.

Special Directories
In addtion to individual student repositories, there are several other directories automatically created.  These directories include:


  •    For course staff and graders use only
  •    Student have NO access


  •    For course staff use only.  
  •    Students and graders have NO access


  •    Contains configurtion file needed for use with class projects


  •   Read-only access for staff and graders
  •   Students have NO access
  •   Contains the files staff.txt, students.txt and graders.txt files listing the NetIDs of the people in these groups.  These can be used for scripting.


  •   Staff and graders have read-write access
  •   Students have read-only access
  •   This can be used for course staff to share files with students


  •   This is a special directory for group projects.  See Shared Project below for details

Shared Projects
The shared project system allows ad-hoc groups to be created and granted a directory from which to work on group projects.  The groups are created and access granted through the special file in /_config/projects.conf

To create a group project:

  •   Get the project name and list of NetIDs needing access to the project directory
  •   Go to /_config/ and edit the projects.conf file.  Add a line for each group with the following format:  projectName = NetID1, NetID2, NetID3 (continuing for addtional NetIDs as needed

  The directory /projects/projectName will automatically be created in the next update cycle.  Update cycles run every 15 minutes
   Students with the listed NetIDs will be give access to the project directory as well as course staff and graders.

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