Four Winds Content Manager: First Time Setup

How to set-up the Content Manager options for Four Winds/Digital Signage for the first time.

First Time Content Manager Setup

  1. Log into the Digital Signage Remote Desktop Server
  2. FWi Content Manager Configuration:
    1. Launch FWi Content Manager by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.  It's labeled “Content Manager Desktop”
      Content Manager
    2. Wait for the program to launch and then close it.
    3. Double-click the "FWi Setup Engineering" icon on the desktop
      Image of FWi Setup Engineering Desktop Link
    4. A window will pop up and eventually prompt you for a response. Type "Y" followed by hitting <enter>. The window will close when it's finished running.

You're now ready to use FWi Content Manger! You can reopen Content Manager to start editing your sign(s).