Four Winds Content Manager: Creating New Content Items

How to create new content in Four Winds

Creating New Content Items

  1. Log into the signage RDP server and open Four Winds Content Manager.

  2. In the Content Pane (located at the bottom by default), right click the Content category into which you want to add new content to open the context menu.
    select from the list

  3. Hover over New Content in this Category 'DeptName' and select the type of content which you wish to add.

    Hover over new content option

  4. A content properties dialog window will appear, fill this out with the appropriate content information.
    • Content specific instructions coming soon...

  5. With at least the Name and URL fields filled in, click OK. The content has now been created in Four Winds Content Manager

Note: Most users do not have permission to add content to the root category of the content area, so you must add content directly to your department's category. Using the content tab of the menu bar automatically tries to add content to the root category so this method is not recommended.