Ugradrecs: Who should I contact to get access?

Who should I contact to get access?

Each unit has a contact.  Please contact the individual assigned to your unit. 

ACES: Cory Ohms

AHS: Gretchen Adams

BUS: Jana Lithgow

DGS: Kris Blazek

EDU: Hannah Rogers

ENG: Ivan Favila

FAA: Zelda Gardner

LAS: Gretchen Pein

LIS: Meg Edwards

MDIA: Megan Tucker Zwilling

SSW: Rachael Dietkus

Office of the Registrar (part of PROV tab) on spreadsheet: Meghan Hazen

All the rest (Illinois Informatics Institute, Campus Honors Program, and Provost & VC Academic Affairs): Kathryn (Kathy) Martensen

Unit not listed or a new unit wants to begin using the application:  Kathy Martensen