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This article provides information on adding course staff and students to your course. For other important start of semester tasks, please see

Add / Modify course staff, graders

Using the Class Tools tool on the my.engr portal, course staff can view, edit, and modify the group membership for two different course administration groups:

To edit the course staff or graders, select "Edit staff":

Class Tools Menu

Add students to the course / Create EWS accounts for students

Any student registered for any College of Engineering course in Banner will automatically be added to the course roster and have an EWS account provisioned for them. Banner processing is done nightly, so if the student adds the course on Tuesday, they will be added to the course groups by early Wednesday morning.

Instructors only need to add students who are not officially registered for the course. This is not an official registration with the class, but gives the student full access to the course's resources. These students should still go through the Banner processes to be registered with the course.

Any users associated as course staff (see "Add / Modify course staff, graders") can modify the class roster groups:

About an hour after a new student has been added to a course roster, their EWS account should be ready to use. If you manually add a student and they later register for the course in Banner, the roster will automatically get updated.

Lab Reservations

View the EWS lab calendar

Request a lab reservation

Software requests

View the software installed on EWS lab systems

Request software for EWS

Software requests must be tied to an academic course with an assigned CRN. We ask that you allow up to two weeks for processing of software requests. Many requests are processed more quickly, but licensing issues and conflicts with our environment may cause additional delay.  Please note the EWS Labs are an instructional resource; due to the terms of our software license contracts and instructional funding for EWS resources, academic research is prohibited on EWS resources.

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