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Locations that offer EWS Printing

General-use EWS Printing is available to students in the following locations. Printing for specific courses or departments may be available in other locations that are not listed. 

 Location Black and White Color Web Printing AirPrint (beta)1
 Digital Computer Lab (DCL) L426 Yes Yes Yes  Yes
 Electrical and Computer Engineering Building (ECEB) 3070Yes Yes Yes  Yes
 Engineering Hall (EH) 406B1 Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Engineering Hall (EH) 406B8  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes
 Grainger Library 4th Floor Center WingYesYesYes Yes
 Grainger Library 4th Floor East WingYes   
 Mechanical Engineering Lab (MEL) 1001Yes Yes Yes
 Mechanical Engineering Lab (MEL) 1009YesYes Yes  Yes

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AirPrint instructions - EWS Labs, Printing, AirPrint