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Schedule a meeting using Zoom

A tutorial on how to schedule a meeting with Zoom using Engineering IT's recommended configuration and generate an invite via Outlook.

1) Go to using your preferred browser. (Both Chrome and Firefox work well.)

2) Click 'Sign In'

3) Now in the left hand side click 'Meetings'


4) In the center of the window, click the "Schedule a Meeting" button.

Schedule a Meeting

5) On this page you are given lots of options for your meeting such as giving your meeting a useful title and description can be helpful down the line for the hosts to be able to tell meetings or recordings apart. It's on this page that you’ll also set the date, time, and duration.

NOTE: Engineering IT recommends not making any changes to the “Registration” “Video” or “Audio” sections.

In the next Section “Meeting Options”, we do recommend the following changes:
5a) Check “Enable join before host”
This allows participants to join the meeting early
5b) Check “Mute Participants upon entry"
This minimizes distractions caused by late participants.
Please note: the participants are still able to unmute themselves should they need to speak up

5c) Check “Record the meeting automatically” and be sure to select “In the cloud”
This assures you the meeting will be recorded and takes the burden off the Host to remember to press record
and by recording it to the cloud you do not need access to the Hosts Computer to access the recording

6) If you are scheduling the meeting for someone else or if you plan on including additional presenters or "hosts" you can add them as Alternative Hosts.

7) Now click 'Save'

8) At this point your meeting is scheduled! All that is left to do is invite the attendees. This can be done one of two ways.

Option 1a) One way is to click the Outlook option in the 'Time: Add to' section
This will download an .ICS attachment which when opened will bring up an appointment in Outlook

Option 1b) You may then use the Navigation ribbon at the top in the outlook window and select “invite attendees” (this is located towards the middle of the navigation ribbon)

Option 2) Alternatively on the zoom page you can just copy the zoom “join URL” into an Outlook meeting invite or email.
Or use the “copy the invitation” option and paste it into an Outlook meeting invite or email.

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