1. Chart: What do we need to setup a new unit with Chart? What are the roles in the app?
  2. Ugradrecs: Who should I contact to get access?
  3. How to use the Groups tool in the my.engr portal
  4. FAIR: I need to report academic misconduct but my XXX100 course is not listed. What should I do?
  5. FAIR: How do a add or subtract users?
  6. How to use the Digital Signage (Plasma) Portal App
  7. Chart: How do the Chart and Appointments applications interface?
  8. Appointments: Where can I add additional position numbers?
  9. Gradrecs: Mass upload of documents
  10. Ugradrecs: Mass Upload of Documents
  11. Ugradrecs: New user request form
  12. StudentTransfer: Overview
  13. Vacation: One of our approvers mistakenly "denied" a vacation request instead of "approving" the request. How can I fix this?
  14. Vacation: Employee has a negative vacation balance
  15. LoanTracker: User Documentation
  16. Vacation: Are we able to unlock a record?
  17. Vacation: Do I use the Submit “Checked” to BANNER box? I don’t remember seeing the box last year.
  18. Vacation: I am looking at the Usage Summary in my portal, what is the yellow caution triangle and how do I find what needs to be updated and correct the problem?
  19. ClassPlanning: User Documentation
  20. CourseChanges: User Documentation
  21. Appointments: Is the security set up by three digit org code or six digit org code?
  22. Evaluations: User Documentation
  23. Gradapps: User Documentation
  24. Gradrecs: User Request Form
  25. Gradrecs: User Documentation
  26. Qual: User documentation
  27. Independent Study: User Documenation
  28. Rosters: User Documentation
  29. Ugrad Petitions: User Documentation
  30. Ugradrecs: Advising Notes Guidelines
  31. Advising: User Documentation
  32. Vacation: Common Banner Reporting Errors
  33. TimeTracker: Which card reader should I use?
  34. TimeTracker: How do I setup the feeder process?
  35. TimeTracker: What can I do for an employee is unable to submit time due to previous timesheets open for the position?
  36. TimeTracker: How do units who use Appointments setup their data in TimeTracker?
  37. TimeTracker: How do units who don’t use Appointments setup their data in TimeTracker?
  38. TimeTracker: When does the auto-submit date/time is for a pay period?
  39. Appointments: How do I change someone's supervisor?
  40. Appointments: Why is a high level administrator or HR person set as my supervisor? How do I change my supervisor?
  41. Appointments: Do supervisors need access to the Appointments system?
  42. Appointments: What information do we need to setup Appointments for a new unit? What are the roles in Appointments?
  43. Appointments: The ‘Start Faculty Summer Appointment Button” is not appearing. Why?
  44. Appointments: Is there a way for people to view info in the system but not approve or supervise?
  45. Appointments: Do org codes play a part in the security?
  46. Appointments: For supervisors who are entered into the system, are their employees accessible by the supervisor, their proxies and the hr and business folks?
  47. Storeroom: Is it possible (add/remove/modify) CFOPs outside of the storeroom application?
  48. Storeroom: How do I use the reorder report?
  49. Purchasing: What are the different roles in Purchasing?
  50. Purchasing: How do you trigger an inventory form to be sent to a purchaser?
  51. Chart: What is the purpose of the “View Profiles” links?
  52. Chart: Can I manage / modify CFOPs from other units?
  53. Chart: If our faculty use CFOPs from another unit for their appointments, they will not be included in the COA and they will have to enter them manually when doing the appointment?
  54. Safety: When do the DRS imports for the Safety application run?
  55. People: Where does the data for People come from?
  56. Inventory: Which tablet and scanner should I use for the mobile Inventory app?
  57. Inventory: How do I get the 'EDW Sync' tab in the Inventory app?
  58. Announcements: What is the Announcements tool?
  59. Submit Review: Which DocTypes are transferred from HireTouch?
  60. Submit Review: How do I add the ability to "Make An Offer" to an applicant in the Review system?
  61. LoanTracker: Which card reader do I use?
  62. iPay: How do I change the email address of the person who receives notification of new orders?
  63. iPay: How do I generate a store refund?
  64. Excal: How do I remove a calendar from Excal?
  65. Excal: What do the blue entries signify?
  66. Email_Aliases: What is the process to adding a mail domain?
  67. Directory: How frequently is the data updated?
  68. Directory: What is Directory?
  69. Directory: If an employee’s job title is updated or promoted, will the data be updated automatically?
  70. Directory: If we change an employee’s job title in the directory manually, how will it be affected by Banner data?
  71. Directory: On the job title and data for employees, is the data pulled from Banner?
  72. Directory: How is FERPA information handled in this program?
  73. Attendance: Which card reader should I use?
  74. Attendance: What is the address to the management area?
  75. Ugradrecs: How do I add a custom attribute?
  76. Ugradrecs: What do the search areas mean?
  77. Ugradrecs: Where can I find the waitlist link?
  78. SMD: Why are the "recvd" and "ack" words grey or green?
  79. SMD: How do I create a new SMD Message?
  80. Gradrecs: How to obtain access to Gradrecs
  81. Gradrecs: Can you help explain the sharing settings for Notes and Documents?
  82. Gradrecs: What do the search areas mean?
  83. Gradrecs: Can you explain the transcript process?
  84. Gradrecs: How do I view/update the Area Chair list for my units Research Areas?
  85. Gradapps: Can I request to mass update the status of applications to complete?
  86. Gradapps: Can you explain the transcript process?
  87. Gradapps: Can a new term be added to the dropdown on the home page?
  88. Gradapps: How do I change questions to the Evaluation section?
  89. Who do I contact to begin using an Engineering IT portal application?
  90. Evaluations: How do I extend the active dates for student evaluation?
  91. Advising: How can students be added to access an advising calendar?