1. Options for delaying updates and reboots on Windows devices managed by Engineering IT
  2. How to configure Windows to use automatic DHCP settings
  3. University property tags (PTags)
  4. Engineering College Printing
  5. How to add an Engineering printer on Windows
  6. How to add an Engineering printer on Mac
  7. How to add an Engineering printer on Linux
  8. Options for upgrading end-of-life Windows 7 computers
  9. Information about devices managed by Engineering IT
  10. How to configure Remote Desktop to use the UIUC Remote Desktop Gateway
  11. Siebel Center Conference Rooms
  12. Ticketing System Change - 2020
  13. University Network Jacks
  14. How to use the Groups tool in the my.engr portal
  15. Recommendations for Computers and Related Equipment Purchases
  16. How to find your computer's MAC Address
  17. Unix/Linux Command-line Interface Tutorial
  18. Linux Command Quick Reference
  19. Linux Shells
  20. How to enable Remote Desktop in Windows
  21. How to find the computer name on Windows computers
  22. How do I connect to a network drive or file share?
  23. Requesting administrative (sudo) access on Engineering IT Linux systems
  24. Siebel Center E-Lock Access through Class Tools
  25. Engineering IT - Graduate Student Orientation Information
  26. Instructor Checklist - Engineering IT - Fall 2021
  27. What software is available to me?
  28. Instructor Tools
  29. Schedule a meeting using Zoom
  30. EWS Labs, Remote access to your EWS Windows home directory
  31. How to install BA3 for Civil Engineering (CEE) Business Office staff
  32. What is Engineering Linux?
  33. Leaving the University? Don't forget your data!
  34. How do I add a printer in CSL?
  35. Linux Software Modules