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ATLAS Gradebook - Adding instructor to section

Learn how to add an instructor to an existing section in ATLAS Gradebook.
 This is a pretty quick task in ATLAS Gradebook, but we have two different spots in the application where we can do this. 

What you decide to use is entirely up to preference!
We'll start by adding an instructor through the Sections area of the application. 

Go to Course Term Home, and select the Sections options.

We'll see the following screen - it has the sections that we added from the "Adding Section to Course Term" tutorial.  

hit instructors button for desired section

Let's go ahead and click on the "instructors" button, which will pull up the following screen:

blank netID field

So, we don't currently have any instructors assigned to this course term. 

Let's go ahead and add a NetId!

adding netID

When we type in the NeID, before we have to save the new instructor, the application offers us a preview to ensure that the we entered the correct individual. 

Since we see the name we're looking for, let's hit the "Save" button. 

The added name then appears in instructor list as below:

view one instructor checkbox

So, now for every instructor we add, regardless of the section we add the instructor to, that list will grow. 

We can then use the checkboxes to assign the instructor to a given section or more than one section. Let's say we want John Doe to instruct this section, but not Jane Doe. Here's what it would look like:

select one instructor checkbox

To add only John, we simply select the checkbox and hit the "Save" button. 

This process would continue as needed through our various sections. 

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