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ATLAS Gradebook - Adding assignment category

Learn how to add an assignment category in ATLAS Gradebook.
Its good to remember as we discuss assignment categories that ATLAS Gradebook is a pliable tool. So, Im going to show you one way to get a desired result but there may be another way to accomplish the same task, and what its really about is the result. 
So, lets approach this as an example of one way to set up your assignment categories!

Lets take a look at the Assignment Category screen for a given Course Term. 

This particular screen doesnt have any entries in it yet.

hit add assignment category button

To get started, click the Add Assignment Category button. 

Clicking there will prompt the dialog box below to open in your window. 

name entry area and checkboxes described below

We can see that the only mandatory field is Name, and Ive decided to have this be the assignment category for my quizzes. 

We are also prompted with three checkbox options here:

1. Allow Students to View Individual Scores allows students to view scores for assignments within assignment category.

2.    Allow Students to View Overall Score Distribution shows student their score in relation to the overall distribution of scores. 

3.    Allow Instructors to edit scores within this category enables instructor entering and editing of grades for assignments within this assignment category. 

I now have the option to either Save my new Assignment Category or Cancel it. Ill chose Save so that we can see what the assignment category looks like in the table. 

hit the edit button next to quizzes

Now we can see our Quizzes Assignment Category in the table. There we also see the checkboxes that we had the option of selecting. 

But lets say I forgot to check the box for Distribution visible to students. 

I just have click the edit button to view/edit the details of the assignment category.

update checkboxes and hit save

We see that the box is the same as when we went to add the assignment category. 

This time Ill go ahead and select the Allow Students to View Overall Score Distribution and hit Save.

table view after assignment category update

We can now see that all of our desired checkboxes appear selected.


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