ATLAS Gradebook - Bulk Updating Assignment Scores

Learn how to bulk update assignment scores with ATLAS Gradebook.

Let's say that we have entered scores for a given assignment, but now need to update multiple scores from that assignment.

We'll start by using the Course Term Home screen to navigate to the "Assignments and Assignment Categories" area.

We'll see something that looks like the following:

hit assignments button in Quizzes row

Let's jump into the assignment category "Quizzes."

hit the view scores button on the right for Quiz 1

To View/Update the scores for the assignment title "Quiz 1," we can select the "View Scores" button in the appropriate row.

hit the "bulk update scores" button at the bottom of the page

Now we can see the scores for "Quiz 1" for the six students in the course.

We could change a single score by selecting the "Edit" button in each student's row.

But since we know we want to change all of the scores, let's go with the "Bulk Update Scores" button.

update scores and hit the "save" button

We can see in the image above, that I've edited the now open fields with all new scores.

Also, I've selected the "Excused" checkbox for Julie Doe.

We can then see the changes reflected when we hit the "Save" button.

view that the new scores are accurate

Now that we've saved our changes, the new scores display in the score table.

But let's say after all that, we want to just Excuse the assignment for everyone.

Simply select the Set All Scores to Single Value button and select the "Excused" checkbox to update all scores to one score value.


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