ATLAS Gradebook - Copying Assignment Scores

Learn how to copy assignment scores with ATLAS Gradebook.

In ATLAS Gradebook, we can copy scores from one assignment to another assignment.

Let's start in the Course Term Home, and select the "Copy Scores" area.

We'll see the following screen:

Source dropdown: Quiz 1. Destination dropdown: Quiz 2. selec the copy scores radio option. hit the "preview" button.

We have both a Source drop-down to select the original assignment, and we have a destination drop-down for where the scores are heading.

I've selected to copy the student scores from Quiz 1 to Quiz 2.

Before saving any data, we can preview what these changes will look like to ensure we've accomplished our desired result.

The Preview screen will look like this:

confirm that the copy worked as desired with new table view. hit "save" button.

Of the eight students enrolled, we can see that only six had scores that changed when the copying occurred. Since Elizabeth Taylor and Orson Welles had the same score on both assignments, their scores are less prominent visually - allowing us to quickly glance through a long table and see the changes.

To keep these changes, we just hit the Save button.


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