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FormBuilder - How to Create Checkbox Questions

How to create a checkbox question
For a video tutorial, check out:  

Problem:  Create a checkbox question where the user can select one ore more options

1.) Navigate to the Dashboard and click on Edit Form Contents in the "Quick Links" section.  

2.) Select the section you would like to add your question to by hovering over the box until the orange box appear and clicking, or by selecting the section name in the "Form Contents" section.  You will be able to reorder your questions after setting up your question.  Click Add Question.

NOTE:  If you don't have a section set up, you'll need to click Add Section and set up your section before you can add any question.

3.) Set up your question. 

  • Question Text: The actual question which will display on your form.
  • Field Name: Used for administrator's reference and will be automatically filled in
  • Additional Instructions: This information will display below your question and is optional
  • Type: This is a drop-down box with many options.  Select Check Boxes.  
  • Is Required: Check this box if this is a mandatory field that you want the user to enter and leave unchecked to make this field optional
  • Is Active: This checkbox must be checked for the user to see this field on the form
  • Allow "Other" Option: Check this box if you want a free form field to display below your radio buttons
  • You can add question options by adding each option under "Choice Name" and clicking the green plus sign.  To delete an option, click the red "X".  "Choice Value" will be automatically filled in for you.  You can reorder these question options by using the up and down arrows on the left.
  • This question is triggered by another question's value: Check this checkbox only if you want your list to display based on the answer of another question previously created

4.) Be sure to select Save Changes when done.  This is how the check box question should appear in your form.

If you have any questions, please contact ATLAS FormBuilder at

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