UIUC Mathematics Email Migration - Pine Questions

Pine/Alpine Questions.

Q.How will Pine work on my office computer after the migration?

A. We have plenty of experience with setting up Pine to connect to the
campus email server.  We can help you configure Pine to connect to the
campus email server either before or after the migration.

Q. Every once in a while my Pine email would run out of space and I had
to contact you.  What will happen with the campus service?

A. A campus webpage states that you will never run out of mail space:
"The mailbox quota is based on current usage and designed to be high
enough to never be reached by normal mailbox operations. The quotas are
adjusted nightly."

Q. What will happen to my old Pine mail folders; both stored locally on
the fileserver and those stored on the Math email email server?

A. We implemented the Math email server the summer of 2007.  If you
used Pine before that then all of your folders were copied to the Math
email server.  If you used Pine after that then all of your folders
have been created on the Math email server.  You should not have any
folders or messages that are solely on the filesystem in your local

Q. After the migration, if I ssh from home and use Pine, and then want
to save a pdf attachment from some email, will Pine still save it to my
file system at u00.math.uiuc.edu?

A. Pine will work as it always has with regards to saving pdfs.  Since
you are logged in to Pine via a Linux computer, it will save it to your
Linux file system.

Q. I would like to move my Pine address book to the campus email server.

A. There is no automatic way of making your Pine address book available
to the campus webmail.  Your choices are to use them from within Pine,
or to copy them over yourself.

Q. The folders on the Math server are still visible on Pine.  Will that
be a problem?

A. The migration process does not delete your mail from the Math email
server.  It is probably best if you do not use Pine until the
configuration file has been set up to use the campus email server.  In
the meantime you can check the status of the migration by logging back
in to http://go.illinois.edu/migrate .

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