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ATLAS Exam Attendance - How to get ATLAS Exam Attendance for your courses

Learn how to start the process of using ATLAS Exam Attendance for your courses.

To use ATLAS Exam Attendance in your campus course - we must first establish two things. 

1) Unit Administrator 

ATLAS offers the web-based application ATLAS Exam Attendance to LAS units free of charge. In return, our applications are self-service from an administrative perspective. Your unit will need a dedicated member (often but not always support staff) in charge of administrating ATLAS Exam Attendance to the rest of the unit. This means when a unit member wants to use ATLAS Exam Attendance, they will contact this unit administrator directly to have their course, course term, and themselves added to the application. These tasks are very simple and explained in detail in our tutorials. (Specifically the tutorials under the heading "Unit Administrator Tutorials" on the ATLAS Exam Attendance - Homepage)

The responsibilities are solely administrative - if anything breaks, ATLAS Application Devolopment fixes it!

Once a unit administrator is established - we can move forward with all of the fun features and functionality of ATLAS Exam Attendance. 

The Unit Administrator is a critical role that must be in place for use of ATLAS Exam Attendance. If you don't know who in your unit would fill this role - contact your department head for further information. Feel free to send them our way if they have questions or concerns!

It's possible your unit already has an established unit administrator - to find out, take a look at ATLAS Exam Attendance - Active units and unit administrator contact info.

2) Scanners

ATLAS Exam Attendance runs most effectively when paired with a card scanner to pull the UIN from a student's iCard. We currently support the following scanner models:

IDTech Omni Card Reader: WCR3237-512U

IDTech MiniMag Reader Series: IDMB-334133BM

Both models are guaranteed for 1,000,000 swipes - and while it's possible there may be some durability differences, it's entirely up to your unit which scanner to select. 

Your unit will be responsible for purchasing scanners directly from a vendor. Once your scanners arrive, they are not immediately ready for use. They will need to be dropped off with ATLAS Application Development to be programmed for use with ATLAS Exam Attendance. We require three business days to program your scanners, so it's important not to leave this element until the last minute.

If you aren't sure who's in charge of purchasing for your unit, contact your department head - and send them our way if they have any questions about the purchase!

If your unit does not have the financial ability to purchase scanners, ATLAS Teaching and Learning have a small amount available to rent. Contact them at for further information on scanner rental.  

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