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ATLAS Exam Attendance - Testing scanner with noncurrent Mac OS

Learn to setup your iCard scanner with older versions of Mac OS.

If the OS in your Mac product is up to date - you should have no problems following the instructions from ATLAS Exam Attendance - Testing your card scanner.

If your version of OS isn't current, you may be prompted with a "Keyboard Setup Assistant" - pictured below:

keyboard setup assistant

The card scanners we recommend for use with ATLAS Exam Attendance are viewed by the computer as a keyboard. As such, you are presented with the keyboard setup dialog box. 

Select "Continue" to begin the setup process. You'll then see the following screen:

asking for a key stroke

So, this is the part that can be confusing. The computer is looking for a keyboard and is asking for a keystroke. 

Since this card scanner doesn't have any keys, we can simply swipe our iCard to create a "keystroke" for the computer to analyze. 

This card swipe is displayed in the video below (ignore the PC in the video - the scanning works the same for Mac and PC):

Your computer should then recognize the card swipe as a "keystroke" and show you the following screen:

select ANSI

Select the "ANSI (United States and others)" and then select "Done" to complete the setup of your card scanner on a Mac running older OS. 

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