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Learn how to use the attendance activity. It is a tool used to track attendance for face-to-face or hybrid courses.

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Examples of Using Attendance Activity

  • Recording attendance and giving scores
  • Allowing students to record own attendance
  • Keeping track of participation and giving scores
  • Grading any in-class activity that has multiple sessions (e.g. weekly journals)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is this activity graded?
    You set a value for the total score of all sessions. The system will give equal value to each session, regardless of how many are added. The values assigned in the "status set" (Present, Absent, etc) are not points. They can be considered to be parts of a whole (with the largest value representing full credit). The default is Present (2), Late (1), Excused (1), Absent (0). Here, 2 is 100% and 1 is 50%.


    Mary sets her attendance to be worth 20 points for the semester. In the status set, she grants full credit for being present or excused, half credit for being late, and no credit for being absent.

    She grades 32 sessions throughout the semester. In the end of the semester, each session will be worth .625 points. Students who are late get .3125 points. Students who are absent get no points.

  2. What score will students see?
    Students will see their average score for the sessions that have been graded. Ungraded sessions or sessions occurring prior to their enrollment will not count toward their score.


    Using the status set in the example above, Mary has graded only 10 sessions so far. Jake has attended all sessions, but was late for 2 sessions.

    Because only 10 sessions have been graded, each will be worth 2 points. Jake has earned 2 points for 8 sessions and 1 point for 2 sessions. His score will be 18/20. This will change over the course of the term as more sessions are graded.

  3. How can I change how students are graded?
    You can update the status set to change how students are graded. This can be changed to reflect the kind of activity you are grading.


    The default is Present (2), Late (1), Excused (1), Absent (0). Tom wants to grade his students' participation. He changes the status set to Great (5), Average (4), Fair (3), and Absent (0). 

    Note: In the default, a student gets full credit for being present and 50% credit for being late or excused. In the new status set, the student get full credit for "Great", 80% credit for "Average", 60% credit for "Fair", and no credit for "Poor".

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