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ATLAS FormBuilder - Maximum registrants for period and waitlist features

This tutorial explains how to set a maximum capacity of registrants for a particular form period and explains the waitlist feature options.
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1.) This option is intended for forms that will be used as event-registration.  In order to set your form as an event-registration form, you will need to select 'Manage' next to Form Properties from the Dashboard of your form.

2.) On the 'General' tab, check the box "This is an Event Registration Form". Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "Save'

3.) Navigate back to your form Dashboard to find the link for 'Periods' under Data Collection and Form Lifecycle.  

4.) There will be an option to edit each defined period you have entered in your form.  Select 'Edit' for the period you want to set a restriction on registrants for. 

5.) This will bring you to a screen with two tabs.  Select 'Registration Details'.

In order to limit each registrant to a single submission, you will have to ensure "User can create multiple forms in a single period" from the 'Properties' tab is unchecked.  This will allow the registrant to register once.  If they attempt to register a second time, they won't have the option to submit a second response, but they will have the option to view their previous response to see a summary of what has been submitted.

6.) When the number of responses has reached maximum capacity, the waitlist feature can be implemented.  In order to allow this, check "Enable Waitlist". There is an option to customize the message sent to the waitlisted registrants.  

If an additional slot opens, these waitlisted registrants will have the option to complete their registration.  The administrator can choose the next step using the options displayed:
  • Automatically register the next person on the waitlist
  • Automatically notify the next person on the waitlist that they are eligible to register
  • Manually manage the waitlist using administrative console
In order to set Maximum Registrants for the selected form period, enter the number in the blank provided.  

7.) After making changes, select 'Save' to apply them to your form.

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