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ATLAS FormBuilder - "Unauthorized" screen after form submission

This tutorial explains how an "Unauthorized" screen can occur when working with your form and how to fix it.

The form shown below appears to be filled out correctly and once 'Save' is selected the form response should be submitted.  

However, once 'Save' is selected, a server error pops up as "401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials."  Why does this happen?

This is a display error on the form responder side of the form.  Contrary to what it looks like when you get this result, the form response has been recorded -but the form submitter doesn't have permission to see the next section (review submission).  

To fix this problem and avoid confusing your form responders, you will need to make changes to your phase permissions.  

1.) To access your phase permissions, click 'Phases' under the Data Collection and Form Lifecycle tab on your Dashboard.

2.) Click the gear next to the Data Collection phase, select 'Edit phase/permission' from the dropdown menu.

3.) Select the tab on the Data Collection window named 'Permissions'.  Select 'Edit' on the phase permission that defines what your form responders can see and change on the form.

4.) A new window will open where you can make edits to your phase permission.  The problem with your form might lie in the 'Specific Sections' where your form responders do not have access.  In this case, the form responder has been given access to the form itself (Individual Information), but not the review message (Review Submission).  

Check the box next to Review Submission and save your changes.

5.) Be sure to save using the 'Save' button in the phase permission list.  

Once these changes have been made, your review approval message should be displayed when form responders submit their responses.

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