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ATLAS FormBuilder - How to Send Out Timed/Automated Emails

This tutorial explains how to set up a routing trigger to send automated reminder or confirmation emails.

Emails can act as useful reminders for sign-up forms.  You can set up a routing trigger to send out an emails automatically.

1.) Select 'Routing Triggers' under the Data Collection and Form Lifecycle tab on your Dashboard.

2.) In order to set up an automated email, you will create a new routing trigger.  Navigate to '+ Add New Trigger' within the Routing Triggers heading.

3.) Fill out the fields for Trigger Properties, including the name, number of triggers per period, and number of triggers per form response.  For more information on what these mean, check out <TUTORIAL coming soon! 

For 'Trigger evaluation time', use the drop-down menu to select 'At a specific date and time'.  A box titled 'Activate' will pop up below where you can customize when you want the routing action to take place.  For example, if you want a reminder email to be sent a week before the date the form responder selected on their form, enter '7 days' and select 'Before' and 'Answer value of date'.

A confirmation email would be sent out while the phase is review approval, so reflect that in 'Trigger Condition'.  

NOTE: Under 'Trigger Condition' you can set up your form to move past a phase if it has been sitting in one for a certain period of time.  For example, you can set the routing trigger to move the form to the next phase past review approval automatically if a sign-up form has been sitting in the confirmation phase for more than a week.

4.) Under 'Action Type', select the bullet 'Send Email' which will open up an email format that can be filled in. Form response information, such as a 'Form Associated User' or the value of a question, can be placed into the body of the email by using the buttons within the drop-down menus to the right of the email.  

5.) Save your new routing trigger, and your email notifications will take effect within the period you specified.

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