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ATLAS FormBuilder - Question Types Explained

This tutorial explains the different types of questions available and how they can be put to use in your form.
1.) To add a question to your form, go to 'Edit Form Contents' under the Quick Links on your form's Dashboard.

2.)  Select the section to which you want to add the question. 

3.) New options pop up under Form Contents once you select the section.  Select 'Add Question' to add a question.

4.) Fill out the empty fields with the information for your question.  When you get to 'Type,' open the drop-down menu.

5.) A drop-down menu will open up with all the question types listed.  There are two types of questions: list types and open response types.  

  • Single Line Text:  Allows form responders to enter a single line of text, which is useful for short (single word and single sentence) responses.
  • Multi-line Text:  Allows form responder to enter a larger amount of text. For example, this can be used for short answer responses.
  • Date / Time:  The form responder selects a date, a time, or both from the designated timeframe you define.
  • Number:  The form responder can enter a numerical value within the designated range you define.  This number can include decimals, or you can set it to only accept whole numbers.
  • Campus Person (NetID or UIN):  This question type collects the form submitter's assigned NetID or UIN. This question can be used to populate other questions - (first name, last name, email, expected graduation, ) 
  • Single Checkbox (True/False):  The form responder can check a box if the question value is true (unchecked for false).  This option is useful for verifying information.
  • File Upload:  The form responder can upload a file to the form.  This could be useful in a situation where responders need to include a resume or other documents on an application.
  • Time Stamp:  States the date/time when a form is submitted.  Cannot be manipulated by the form responder or edited by the administrator because it is automatic. 
  • User Stamp:  States the name and email of the form responder that last made changes to the form.  Cannot be manipulated by the form responder or edited by the administrator because it is automatic.
  • Signature:  Useful for electronic signatures.  
  • Multiple Questions:  Allows you to create a subgroup of questions within a question.  This is useful when simplifying your form (assigning and sequencing questions).
  • Guest:  In certain forms like event registrations,  the form responder may want to include their guest(s) in their registration.  This option allows form responders to include the number of guests.
  • Person Attribute:  Names specific attributes about the form responder.
Once you select the type of question you would like to add to your form, the remaining necessary fields will open up for you to fill out.

6.) Remember to save your changes!

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