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ATLAS FormBuilder - Trigger Confirmation Email

This tutorial guides a user through the process of creating a confirmation email routing trigger.
FormBuilder allows administrators to set up automated confirmation emails, which is useful for confirming registration with the form responder and providing documentation of registration to these users.

Setting up confirmation emails can be done with routing triggers.  To learn more about routing triggers and other possibilities for timed routing actions, check out ATLAS FormBuilder - Lifecycle - How to Build a Routing Trigger and ATLAS Formbuilder - Timed Routing Actions.

1.) To set up an automated confirmation email, first select "Routing Triggers" under the Data Collection and Form Lifecycle tab on your form's dashboard.

2.) To create this automated email, a new routing trigger needs to be created, or this routing action needs to be added to an existing trigger.  To add a new trigger, select "+ Add New Trigger".  To edit an existing trigger, select "Edit" on the trigger you wish to edit.

NOTE: When completed, the routing trigger with the confirmation email should be listed as the "Confirmation" routing trigger is, where sending email is listed under "Action".

3.) Fill out the information for this new routing trigger, making sure Trigger evaluation time is set to "Each time the form response is saved" and the Trigger Condition is as the one displayed below.  Depending on the exact nature of how and when you want your email to be sent out, these things may vary.

4.) To create the email that will be sent out with the routing trigger, select "+ Add Routing Action".  When completed, this new routing action will look like the one shown below in the pink box.

5.) In the new Edit Routing Action box, select "Send Email" under "Action Type".  

Fill out the blanks that are displayed below, using the "Text Merge Options" menu, shown on the right, when appropriate.  For example, inserting the "Email Address" button tells the form to automatically insert the email the form responder has given into the "To" field, allowing for quick and errorless turnover.  For more information about this, check out ATLAS FormBuilder - How to use text merge fields.

6.) Remember to save your changes!

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