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ATLAS FormBuilder - How to add content in a confirmation phase

This tutorial provides a loose structure for creating a meaningful confirmation screen, ranging from basic greetings to content.
For more information on setting up your form's confirmation phase, you can check out ATLAS FormBuilder - How to Create a Confirmation Phase.

There are a few aspects you want to pay attention to when writing the text for this screen.
  • Message:  The text on a confirmation screen should, intuitively, confirm the submission of your form.  Therefore, this message can contain elements such as what I have listed below.
  • Thank you message (e.g. Thank you for submitting the form!)
  • Order review using text merge tools (e.g. Please review your order and personal details below.)
  • Future steps (e.g. Be sure to bring your check payment when picking up your order.)
  • Text Merge Tools:  These tools can be used to reiterate a summary of any important information from the form responses back to the form responders so they can A) double-check for mistakes and B) easily access this information at a later date.  To expand the "Merge Fields" options, select the button shown below.  

  • Once the options for this feature have been expanded, you should see sets of buttons.  This inputs the coding for those specific bits of information, and once inserted into your confirmation screen, your form can automatically recollect those pieces of data from the submitted form and display them.  For example, a confirmation screen may include the examples highlighted in pink below:  
  • Response Submitter --> First name: The response submitter's first name (e.g. a greeting such as "Thanks for submitting your form, [[FormAssociatedUser_FirstName]]!" on your end will display as "Thanks for submitting your form, Mike!" to a response submitter whose name is Mike)
  • Questions --> Individual Information --> presentation_topic --> Answer Value: The response submitter's responses to questions on the form (e.g. the presentation topic question for this example) would display as [[Question_ValueOf:presentation_topic]] for you and as the topic the response submitter chose on the form for them


  • Email confirmation option:  By including a confirmation email in your routing trigger, you can send a summary of information to a user and simultaneously reaffirm a correct submission.  For more information on this, check out ATLAS FormBuilder - Trigger Confirmation Email.

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