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Learn how to auto-create groups in your course. Auto-creating groups is particularly suited to making discussion groups for online courses or any time that you would like a group of students or all students in the course to be split evenly into random groups. You may create groups based on group size or number of members per group.
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  1. In the course navigation menu, click Participants.
    The picture of navigation menu, with a red box around of participants
  2. Click the Enrolled users drop-down menu.
    The picture of participants page, with a red box around of Enrolled users drop-down menu
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Groups.
    The drop-down menu picture with a highlighted in blue option of Groups
  4. Scroll down and click Auto-create groups.
    The picture indicates a red box around the Auto-create groups option
  5. Type a name for your groups, appending an "@" if you would like them to be lettered, or a "#" if you would like them to be numbered. For example, typing "M1 Discussion Group #" will create groups named M1 Discussion Group 1M1 Discussion Group 2, etc. 
    Naming scheme section with a M1 Group # name filled in blank
  6. Would you like to create the groups based on number of groups or members per group? Select your desired option from the drop-down menu.
    Picture indicates a red box around Number of Groups drop-down menu
  7. Choose how many groups there will be or how many members there will be in each group.
    Picture indicates a red box around group/member count 5
  8. Create a new grouping (a group of groups) in which all of the new groups will be placed or select an existing grouping.
    Picture indicates a Grouping Section with an option to select grouping of auto0 created groups and a grouping name "M1 Discussion group"
  9. Click Submit.
    submit button

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