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Learn@Illinois Moodle - Moodle to Canvas Transition

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Instructors who use Moodle to teach their LAS courses have until Fall 2024 to transition to using Canvas as the gateway to their courses.

Instructors can continue to use Moodle activities by publishing them in Canvas via the Moodle LTI Tool. 

Exceptions include: courses part of these fully online graduate degree programs, and non-registrar affiliated courses and programs. For questions about this requirement, please reach out to

This decision was made to address student concerns about using multiple LMSs, while allowing instructors to continue using Moodle’s unique features and their current content. We are not retiring Moodle, and we encourage you to use Moodle within Canvas via our LTI option. This will allow you to leverage the best tools of both LMSs, while making it easier for students to manage their courses within a single LMS.

Available Options

  1. Rebuild: Request a blank Canvas shell and create content manually.
  2. Course copy: Copy all Moodle course content to Canvas (ex. Moodle assignments will turn into Canvas assignments). Not all activities transfer cleanly.
  3. Single Activity LTI: Copy some Moodle content and publish other content via LTI (Moodle activities embedded in your Canvas site).
  4. Entire Course LTI: Publish your entire Moodle course in Canvas via LTI.

Options 3 and 4 enable instructors to preserve the pedagogical value of their Moodle course content that they have built over time. Option 3 allows instructors to combine the best features of Moodle with the best of Canvas, while Option 4 requires the least amount of effort on the instructor's part.


Please review these slides for more information about these options and for use case examples. We also encourage you to view the recording from our November 2023 panel about how faculty used the Moodle LTI option in their Fall 2023 courses.

As you are thinking about moving your course, our Comparison Chart may be useful to see how activities and features in Moodle and Canvas compare. A few general recommendations:

  • If you only use Moodle features that have similar features in Canvas, you may want to simply copy over content. Examples: files, URLs, assignments, forums.
  • If you use a few of Moodle’s unique features, but don’t mind converting others to Canvas, you may want to use the Single Activity LTI.
  • If most of your course is made up of Moodle’s unique features and/or cannot easily be recreated in Canvas, you may want to use the Entire Course LTI.

ATLAS is here to consult with you on what might be best for your course; just reach out at, or keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming workshops.

Getting Started

If you are ready to get started building your Canvas course, you can request one here: If the semester you are looking for is not yet available, create a development site. You can copy it into a registrar-affiliated site in the future.

If you need instructions to copy content from Moodle to Canvas (non-LTI), you can find those here:

If you wish to use the Moodle LTI, you can request that here: Please make sure you have both a Canvas site and a Moodle site before submitting this form.

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