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Learn@Illinois Moodle - Instructor's Guide to the Moodle LTI

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This document provides an overview of the Moodle LTI tool. For any questions, please reach out to

General Navigation

  1. All edits to your course need to be made through the embedded material on Canvas or on Edits made on will NOT be reflected.
  2. You can communicate with your students through the Inbox or Announcements in Canvas or through forums in your Moodle site. The only notifications that students will receive from Moodle are from forums they are subscribed to.
  3. Moodle's auto-linking feature is turned off by default, but can be enabled by going to More > Filters in your Moodle site. If you use single activity LTIs, make sure that auto-links are not directing students to a part of the course that is not available to them.
  4. External links within your Moodle content should be set to open in a new window, otherwise they will open within the Canvas shell and create a window within a window. Any internal or auto-links will display properly if opened in the same tab.
  5. If you are using an entire course LTI, you cannot directly link to pages in the embedded site, as every page will have the same Canvas link. Do not provide students a link to your course on the Moodle LTI server (the only exception is if you are using ProctorU - more details below).
  6. If you are using an entire course LTI, we recommend hiding all items in the Canvas sidebar, and creating a homepage with a link to the embedded Moodle site (use the Canvas URL).
  7. If you are using single activity LTIs, and want to add more activities than what you originally requested, please reach out to us at for assistance. Instructor documentation for this process is coming soon.

Enrollment, Roles, and Groups

See here for information on Enrollment, Roles, and Groups.

Activities and Grading

  1. Activities and modules need to be published in Canvas for students to access them. To publish, click the circle with the slash through it next to a module or activity. It will turn into a green checkmark.
  2. You should only add activity restrictions (like the open/close dates and overrides) in Moodle, not in Canvas. Modifying these in Canvas may cause grades to not sync properly.
  3. For single activity LTIs, activities will not be displayed in the Canvas calendar unless you edit the activity in Canvas and add a due date. Entire course LTIs are not compatible with the Canvas calendar.
  4. Grades will sync from Moodle to Canvas every 30 minutes.

See here for more information on Grading.

Using External Tools

  1. If you are using single activity LTIs, all external tools (Zoom, Turnitin, textbook publisher integrations, etc.) should be added to your Canvas site, not your Moodle site. The exception is connecting ProctorU to quizzes, which is configured within the Moodle quiz settings.
  2. If you are using an entire course LTI, the following external tools are currently available in Moodle: Zoom, Turnitin, iClicker Cloud, ProctorU, Pearson, and McGraw Hill. All others will need to be added to your Canvas site.
  3. For ProctorU to function properly, it must be set to open in a new tab. ATLAS will configure this for single activity embeds, but for entire course embeds, instructors must create a URL resource linking to that quiz and forcing it to open in a new tab. 

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