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For all Moodle LTI activities or courses:

  • Grades will sync from Moodle to Canvas every 30 minutes.

For Individual Activity LTIs:

  • Use the Canvas gradebook. Students will not show up in the Moodle gradebook, as they are only enrolled on the activity level.
  • Don't change the points of an activity after you've finished grading all submissions. This will cause some recalculation confusion in the Canvas gradebook. If you do need to change it, you will need to manually change the points in the Canvas activity, and then regrade at least one submission for the grades to readjust.

For the Entire Course LTI:

  • Use the Moodle gradebook instead of the Canvas one. The Canvas gradebook will only display a total grade instead of a breakdown of activities, and should be hidden from students (see below).
  • Make sure the total point value of the course in the Canvas gradebook is correct before your course starts. Even if you haven't created all your content yet, the point value should include everything that will be graded in the course.

How to Hide the Canvas Gradebook From Students

Only hide your Canvas gradebook if you are using the Entire Course LTI. Follow these three steps:

  1. In Canvas, go to Settings, then scroll down and click "more options." Check the box that says "Hide totals in student grade summary." Click Save.
  2. While in Settings, select the Navigation tab, and then drag Grades to the hidden items area. Scroll down and click Save. This will remove Grades from the left navigation panel for students.
  3. Go to Grades. Click the settings wheel in the top right and click Grade Posting Policy. Choose "Manually Post Grades." Now grades will be hidden by default unless you manually publish them.

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