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Learn@Illinois Moodle - Moodle to Canvas Transition Options and Recommendations

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Available Options

  1. Rebuild: Request a blank Canvas shell and create content manually.
  2. Course copy: Copy all Moodle course content to Canvas (ex. Moodle assignments will turn into Canvas assignments). Not all activities transfer cleanly.
  3. Individual Activity LTI: Copy some Moodle content and publish other content via LTI (Moodle activities embedded in your Canvas site).
  4. Entire Course LTI: Publish your entire Moodle course in Canvas via LTI.

Options 3 and 4 enable instructors to preserve the pedagogical value of their Moodle course content that they have built over time. Option 3 allows instructors to combine the best features of Moodle with the best of Canvas, while Option 4 requires the least amount of effort on the instructor's part.


We encourage you to view these faculty panel recordings to learn how instructors have been using the Moodle LTI.

Our Comparison Chart is useful to see how activities and features in Moodle and Canvas compare. Activities without equivalents cannot easily be recreated in Canvas. Please note: even though Canvas has quizzes, we highly recommend using the Moodle LTI for any quizzes in your course. Otherwise you will need to spend time rebuilding.

You may want to rebuild your course if:

  • You want to restructure and make significant changes to your course.
  • You know your Moodle content will not transfer over well (for example, you use Moodle activities without equivalents in Canvas), but you want to recreate your content using only Canvas.

You may want to use course copy if:

  • You only use Moodle features that have similar features in Canvas. Examples: files, URLs, pages, most assignments, and most forums.
  • You don't mind doing some clean-up work.

You may want to use the Individual Activity LTI if:

  • You have quizzes in your course, but don't mind converting other activities to Canvas.
  • You use a few of Moodle's unique features, but don't mind converting other activities to Canvas.
  • You want to use some Canvas native features alongside Moodle features.

You may want to use the Entire Course LTI if:

  • Most of your course is made up of either quizzes or Moodle's unique features.
  • Your course cannot be easily recreated in Canvas; for example, a complex gradebook setup.
  • You have a high enrollment course (150+ students).
  • You have invested a lot of time building your course in Moodle.
  • You want the quickest way to get your course on Canvas.

ATLAS is here to consult with you on what might be best for your course; just reach out at, or keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming workshops.

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