ATLAS Scheduler - Setting Up Term Dates

Detailed below are the instructions on how to set up term dates in ATLAS Scheduler app. These instructions are for users who have been granted administrator access to the app. If you have been granted admin access and you follow these instructions, but it seems like options are missing or that the app isn’t working, it may be a technical issue. Email ATLAS at for additional support if the guidelines below don’t answer your question(s).

First: Navigate to your ATLAS Scheduler homepage. 

Click Login and login to Scheduler using your AD Login/Password.


Next: Hover over the “Administration” tab in the upper left-hand corner and click “Request Rules and Dates”.

Hover over the 'Administration' tab, and then click 'Request Rules and Dates

Click "Term Dates".

Term information is listed here. By default the dates are pulled from Banner, but can be edited manually.

Locate the term name and click “Edit” directly to the left.

Click the 'Edit' button to the lower left of the 
'Term Code' heading

Change the dates as necessary.

Click “Update” on the far left when finished.

After you are done editing, click the 'Update' button, located where the 'Edit' button originally was