ATLAS Directory - Edit User Profile

Detailed below are the instructions on how to edit your user profile on the ATLAS Directory app. These instructions are for general member users of the app. If it seems like options are missing or that the app isn’t working, it may be a technical issue. Email ATLAS at for additional support if the guidelines below don’t answer your question(s).

First: Navigate to the ATLAS App at:

Click Login and login to Scheduler using your AD Login/Password


Editing with User Profile Tab


Edit User Information using ATLAS Directory

To edit your user information, such as name, title, office address, phone, url, etc, under the 'User Profile' tab, click the 'User Information' link.

Information updated on this page is reflected across all your affiliated departments on ATLAS Directory.

Click the left most link, labeled 'User Information'

After updating your information, you MUST click 'SAVE' button at the bottom of this section.

Fields you can update:

Be sure to click SAVE to save changes

Add/Edit Profile Photograph

At the bottom of the 'User Information' page, there is a section for User Photo. If a photo doesn't exist, you can upload one or load from campus directory. If one already exists, you are able to delete it.

Upload/Delete your CV/Resume

If you have an existing CV/Resume file in a format that would be suitable to upload, you can add it to your profile, too. This can be done in the 'User Information' section, at the bottom of the page under all of the personal information.


Editing Additional Information in ATLAS Directory

The Additional Information section can be found in the User Profile section, under the Additional Information section.

Click the 'Additional Information', which is the second link from the left

Some or all of this section may not be visible to all users. This is based on various factors such as your department affiliations and permission levels. If it applies to you, you will be able to add Office Hours, links to External Sites, list Awards, Grants, among other things in this section.

The fields that you are able to edit may vary, so not all of these fields may apply to you and your profile.


Under the additional information tab, you can copy and paste existing biography text. The easiest way to use this section is to type of the specific bio info you would like to include in an external program such as Word.

An example of the 'Biography' entry box


  1. In Word (or other external program) copy the contents.
  2. Once you have copied what you like, then paste it into the Biography text box.
  3. Review the contents to be sure everything appears correctly. Make any minor adjustments you need here.
  4. Click 'Save Biography'

Specializations/Research Interest(s), Education, Distinctions/Awards, Grants, External URLs, Courses, Office Hours

Each of these sections provides a way for you to enter lists of information to appear on your profile. You individually add each item you wish to include for that section.

Add New Value

  1. Find appropriate section to add your information (i.e. Awards, Grants, etc..)
  2. Type information in the appropriate text box.
  3. Click Add
  4. This will add it to a grid of all the values you enter for that section


  1. All values you have listed for each section can be found in a grid in their respective section
  2. Next to each value you have added are two arrows
  3. Click the up arrow to move the value up in the list, the down arrow to move it down in the list



Edit Publications in ATLAS Directory

The Publications section can be found in the User Profile section, under the User Publications section.

Click the 'User Publications' link, located to the right of the 'Additional Information' link

Here you can add publications to your online CV by choosing the type you wish to add and filling out the appropriate fields. Your pubs will then appear properly formatted on your profile.

This system does require you to add publications one-by-one, but it takes care of the formatting and ordering automatically.

Add New Publication

  1. Select a 'Publication Type'
  2. Based on the selected pub type, you will need to fill out a variety of information about that publication
  3. Check or Uncheck the Publicly Visible box based on whether you want this publication to be publicly visible on your profile
  4. Be sure to click the "Insert" button at the bottom of the page after finishing each entry.

Edit/Delete Publication

All the publications you have entered can be found in a grid at the top of the page

Note: You can easily view the 'Publicly Visible' box for each publication listed in the grid.


  1. All the publications you have entered can be found in a grid at the top of the page
  2. Next to each publication you have added are two arrows
  3. Click the up arrow to move the value up in the list, the down arrow to move it down in the list


Depending on the publication type you are adding or editing, there may be areas that allow for multiple values to be entered. Such areas include Authors, Contributors, Resources, etc.

Add the information for each one individually, then when ready click the appropriate Add Button (such as 'Add Author'). Do this for each item (i.e. Author) to add.

Editing Area Affiliations in ATLAS Directory

The Area Affiliations section can be found in the User Profile section, under the Area Affiliations section.

Click the area 'Area Affiliations' link, located second from the right

The area affiliations page allows you to account for split appointment by associating a department member (i.e. faculty) or yourself with multiple areas (or departments).

Your current affiliations will appear in a grid at the top of this page

To edit existing affiliations:

  1. Hit "Edit" next to the area affiliation.
  2. Check/Uncheck the 'Visible in Directory' box.
  3. Edit Office Address & Phone if applicable
  4. Choose the role(s) you wish to include, as well as the title for each, some titles are required.
  5. Once you are done with the all editing, make sure to click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.

To Delete Existing Affiliations

  1. Hit 'Delete' next to the area affiliation
  2. * This action cannot be undone and you will not be able to re-add the affiliation.
  3. Confirm your decision to delete


Edit Proxy Permissions in ATLAS Directory

By giving someone else proxy permission, you allow them to edit your profile information for you.

Click the 'Proxy Permissions', which is the right most link

Individual Proxy Permissions (Add New Proxy Permissions)

To allow someone else to edit your profile information:

  1. Enter their NetId
  2. Click 'Validate NetId'
  3. If you need help finding a NetId, there is a link which allows you to lookup someone in the campus PH system.
  4. Choose the permissions you wish to grant to that person, you must choose at least one and can choose all three if you want
  5. You can allow them to
    • Edit Contact Information
    • Edit CV Sections
    • Edit Proxy Permissions
  6. Be sure to click 'Insert' button to save your entry

Area Proxy Permissions (Add New Area Proxy Permissions)

Select the Area, then choose the permission levels to grant

Edting/Deleting Proxy Permissions

Individual and Area Proxy Permission will each show up in their appropriate grid.