FormBuilder - How to Create Select List Questions

This tutorial explains how to create a select list question, which allows a form responder to select one or more options in a question.

For a video tutorial, check out:

Problem:  User would like to create a select list question where the user can select one or more options.

1.) Navigate to the Dashboard, and click on Edit Form Contents link under the Quick Links section.  You can also find this option under the "Form Contents" section.

2.) Select the section you would like to add your question to by hovering over the box until the orange box appear and clicking, or by selecting the section name in the "Form Contents" section.  You will be able to reorder your questions after setting up your question.  Click Add Question.

NOTE:  If you don't have a section set up, you'll need to click Add Section and set up your section before you can add any question.

3.) Set up your question. 

4.) Be sure to select Save Changes when done.  This is how the select list question should appear in your form.

If you have any questions, please contact ATLAS FormBuilder at